Meet our campaign team!

The Make Our Rights Reality campaign will be led by steering group of experts by experience- there's 10 of us, all aged 18-25, who are ready to start building a better mental health system for young people.


Gaby Clements

I’m a 19 year old student from Cambridge studying Applied Social Science at the University of York. I’ve been involved in campaigns like the Reading Well for Young People scheme, work with the National Gallery and I spoke at the Conservative Party Conference 2017 to advocate for better mental health services under the current government. My passion is for people, I spend my time raising awareness of social problems as much as possible. I strive towards a society where everyone is seen as important and listened to with respect.



Grace Jeremy

I have been a mental health activist for 8 years. During this time I have worked on both local and national campaigns, using conversation and education to create change. I have contributed to mental health policies, developed training programmes, worked with the media, produced educational materials, organised events, and spoken to thousands of people about all things mental health from stigma to self-care. When I’m not campaigning I enjoy painting, music, and consuming quarts of coffee.



Iqra Khokhar

I’m 24 years old and have 7 years of experience working with young people of all ages through various channels. I work in the community as a youth work volunteer, and I’m a Young Advisor, acting as an agent of social change in my community. I offer support to young people to engage in services, and have been involved in service co-design, procurement and monitoring of contracts. I have also recently attended a crisis conference group which highlighted the need for services to be more easily accessible for young people. 



Jack Welch

I have been actively involved with a wide array of campaigns and roles in charitable organisations for a number of years. I was part of a team which produced research into autistic young people’s mental health experiences with Ambitious about Autism in early 2017 and was part of a steering group which organised the Takeover Challenge at the Department of Health for Youth Access. I am a Governor for Dorset HealthCare and supports the NHS in their patient participation. I feel strongly about those young people who might be marginalised from accessing support they need, especially autistic and disabled people, and want to champion their rights as part of this new initiative.



Jawwad Mustafa

Hi, I’m Jawwad. I’m a psychology student from Sunderland. I like reading comical novels, running and binge watching Netflix TV series - majorly excited for the next season of Black Mirror! I chose to be part of the Make Our Right’s Reality steering panel as mental health is something that I’m particularly passionate about. It goes without saying that while there has been a national recognition that our mental health is just as important as our physical health and stigma has decreased, there is still work to be done. No rest until mental health stigma is a stigma itself!



Jenny Carter

My name is Jenny and I’m 24 and a live in North London. I am really passionate about mental health and wellbeing, and spend a lot of my spare time doing what I can to raise awareness and campaign for change. I feel like at the moment there is a lot of talk about mental health, but nowhere near enough action. I’m really hopeful that the MORR steering group will contribute to changing that!



Jummy Otaiku

My name is Jummy, I am currently studying Psychology, Sociology, & undertaking the Extended Project Qualification on Mental Health, at Sixth Form. I am from Hackney in East London, & intend to study Psychology at university next Autumn. In February 2016, I discovered I was suffering from mental health issues, which led to me losing my school place at the time. Since then, I have done a variety things around mental health, campaigning, & advocacy, which involved using my experiences to make a difference. I am also looking forward to joining the MORR Steering Group; to help the campaign develop.



Kirsty Wilson

I have experience working in a variety of areas including education, disabilities and mental health. I am currently working as a children’s and young people’s advisor and as a Mind Mate Ambassador for Leeds in support of their Future in Mind plan. Following my involvement in the Mental Health Take Over Day 2017 I am excited to learn new skills and be a part of the MORR steering group.



Natalie Spence

I’m currently studying Psychology with Counselling at degree level with Open University and I’m very passionate about First Aid for both physical and mental health. I have been involved with the Northumbria Army Cadet Force for Nine Years, leading the involvement of young people in community action. My drive to take part in this campaign is to ensure better services for young people with mental health issues. A quote I regularly apply to life is Maya Angelou’s ‘We may encounter defeats, but we must not be defeated.’



Nikhwat Marawat

Mental health is an intensely personal issue for me. As someone who suffers from mental health issues and has lost people to mental health issues it’s shaped me in ways that I never thought would come to pass. Life has a surreal way of shaping you. Someone much wiser than me once told me to put purpose to your pain and so that’s what I’m hoping to do now under the MORR campaign. I’m not always this serious as well. I love meeting people, travelling, music, books, exercising and all manner of fun things.