Join Our Minds Our Future

The mental health system is failing too many young people. We're fed up being ignored by the people in power, and cut out of decisions about our lives. It's Our Minds, Our Future - and it's time we had our say.

We're coming together to raise our voices and demand access to mental health services that work for all of us.

Right now, teams of young people all over the country are taking action for Our Minds Our Future.

Taking the lead in building these local teams are our Rights Advocates - young people trained in key campaigning skills to make sure our voices are heard by local mental health decision-makers. Check the list below to see if there's already a Rights Advocate setting up a team near you.

Is there a team near you?

If there isn't a campaign near you, then select "other area" and then fill in your details. Our next Rights Advocate recruitment phase will start in September, so we'll be sure you're top of the list when applications open.

By completing the contact form below you give us permission to share your contact details with your local Rights Advocate.