Make Our Rights reality is a movement of young people demanding our rights. 

From the doctor's surgery to the job centre. From our teachers to our landlords. We're done fighting to be taken seriously while our rights are ignored.

With Make Our Rights Reality we're making sure our needs are met, by learning our RIGHTS, raising our VOICE and taking ACTION.

RIGHTS - through MORR's flagship RIGHTS training programme, we're  learning what rights we have and how to use the law to deal with everyday problems - from stop-and-search to housing, work and healthcare.
VOICE - we're building a network of young people to speak out about the injustices we face. Our national steering group is leading our first national campaign - Our Minds Our Future - to demand better access to mental health services. 
ACTION - through Our Minds Our Future and local projects led by young people, we're taking action to create change on the issues that matter to us.